Tithe, Offerings and Building Fund

Pay your Tithe and Offerings and donate to our Building fund here. Its safe and secured. God bless you as you give cheerfully.
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Prayer Points for 40 Days Fast
      There will be Prayer Meetings on
      Tue, Jan 13 - Sat, Jan 17 @ 7 - 8:15pm.
      Mon, Jan 19 - Fri, Jan 23 @  7 - 8:15pm.
      Venue is the Sanctuary.

  1. Thank God for being the God over your life. Ps.124:1-8
  2. Praise the name of the Lord for bringing you into a bright new year.
  3. Thank God for providing for your family throughout the past year. Ps.23:1-6
  4. Thank God for defending your home. Ps. 20:1-3. Ps 145:1-21
  5. Bless the name of the Lord for His mercies over your life and family members. Ps. 136:1-26. Ps.51:1-19

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