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RCCG City Of David Atlanta is a parish of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God North America. At COD, our primary focus is to share the love and joy of Christ to the entire world. We are a thriving and vibrant congregation set to worship God and experience a life of peace and abundance. We are a faith and bible believing church and we believe that God holds the key to every challenge you may face. We have something for everyone at COD Atlanta and we would love to get you plugged in. Check out some of the ministries connect opportunities and see which is the best fit for you. Stay connected with COD Radio and follow us on Social Media to get insights, event details and more! We'd also love to hear from you by sharing photos of events, live tweeting worship experiences, and inviting others to join you at COD Atlanta. We love visitors and we are also looking to grow both in quality and quantity. Whether you are looking for a home church or just want to visit, you are very much welcome. The Book Of Luke 2:10-11 says “Do not be afraid. I bring you the good news that will cause great joy for all the people for today in the CITY OF DAVID a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord." Welcome, Home. We Love You.


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    • Worship God for who He is; 1 Chron. 29:11-14; Psalm 96:6
      Shout for joy and praise God who takes pleasure in your prosperity; Psm 35:27-28
    • Praise God for picking you up when you fell; Prov 24:16
    • Thank Him for all His provision; Psm 37:25-26
    • Bless the Lord who has forgiven you of all your iniquity; Psm 32:1
    • Thank God for His good hand upon City Of David, Atlanta; Neh 2:8
    • Praise God for victory over the enemies; Psm 27:2



    • We recover all confiscated and stolen possession of the church in Jesus name; 1 Sam 30:8
    • I bind every strongman holding the privileges and rights belonging to City of David captive in Jesus name; Matt 12;29
    • Let Your angels chase out all stubborn associates against our property
    • Let all demonic obstacles against our property be destroyed by God’s word; Rom 8:31-32
    • Any power sitting on any evil mat against our property, be disgraced in Jesus name; Ex 3:20
    • Father, let every unrepentant adversity working against our property receive stones of fire; Jer 23:29
    • I command the hands of enemies against the new phase to dry up in Jesus name
    • God, let Your fire burn to ashes every evil blockage on our way to promise land; Deu 4;24, Heb 12:29
    • Father, destroy forces limiting the potentials of COD in every facet of the building project in Jesus name; Prov. 26:15; 1King 17:10-12; Matt 8:14-15
    • By the blood of the lamb, we destroyed every spirit assigned to slow the possession of our property down; Rev 12:11
    • In the name of Jesus, we take authority over all forces of darkness in the air, land and sea; Luk 10:19 against our building project
    • Those who want to destroy Pastor Joe’s dreams will bow down before him; Gen 37:17-20
    • Father disgrace the Sanballat and Tobiah of Your church; Neh 4;4
    • Lord fight all individual conspiring against this project; Neh 4:9
    • Father, let there be unity among the workers and members of City of David; Amos 3:3
    • Equip every member of City Of David spiritually, physically and financially for the work ahead; Neh 4:23
    • Father, there shall be no stagnation or distraction, this project shall be completed in Jesus name; Neh 6:3-4
    • Lord, strengthen us for battle; subdue all those who rise up against our building project IJN; Psm 18:39
    • As we transition, we decree that none of us shall be sick and there shall be no loss of life in Jesus name; Ish 53;5. Ps 118;17


    • Lord please send divine counsellors who will help with the project
    • Like Esther, we receive favor from all the government officials and County in Jesus name; Est 1:9
    • God let every member of City Of David receive favor in the State of Georgia; Gen 39:21; 1 Sam 2;26
    • Father, let the riches of the land be transferred to City of David
    • Father please provide financial resources needed for this project in Jesus name; Phil 4:19
    • We decree that City Of David is a good name and favored worldwide; Prov 1:4, Prov 3:4
    • Let our horn be exalted by Your favor; Ps 89:17
    • Father, our church shall be planted in the land and You will do us good; Jer 32:41
    • God we decree physical increase according to Your word in Hosea 1;10
    • Father, we decree that City of David shall be surrounded with favor as a shield; Ps 5:12
    • God Almighty, surprise us and give us reasons to laugh at the devil; Ps 126:1
    • Father, let us enjoy prosperity because we trust You; Jer 17:7-8
    • Almighty God, do not put us to shame; Rom 9:33
    • According to Your Word as we engage in the building project, please be gracious to us; Ps 80;3; Num 6;25,
    • Lord restore seven fold, everything that have been stolen from your church in the realm of the spirit; ish 61:7Joel 2;25-26
    • Father, give us overwhelming testimonies that we cannot conceal, and courage to declare openly IJN Rev. 12:11


    • I release my children from any inherited bondage in Jesus name; Obad 1:17
    • we release the Spirit of excellence upon our children; Dan 6:3
    • Father, make us and our children signs and wonders in the land IJN; Isa 8:18
    • Lord, help our children to be prudent and obedient; Prov 17:2
    • Father, make our children crowns and sources of pride to us when we are aged IJN; Prov. 17:6
    • God please connect our singles that are ready for marriage, to godly spouses; Prov 18:22
    • Pray that, help our wives and daughters not to be quarrelsome; Prov. 19:13b
    • We pray for the spirit of unity in homes Matt.18:19, Amos 3:3
    • Lord, we stand against all the forces that cause divorce in marriages; Mal. 2:14-16
    • Father, every family believing You for the fruit of the womb, no matter the report of the doctors, please give them their babies in Jesus name: Gen 18:9-14, Psalm 128:3
    • We come against any form of barrenness in our homes; Exo 23:26
    • Father, hear the cries and prayers of single parents; Psalm 146:9, Ps 68:5
    • Lord, please take care of widows, widowers and children; Ps 68;5






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