At City Of David Atlanta, we believe that people grow best when they are connected through service and relationships with others. GIC offers multiple ministries to help you get connected here — regardless of age, sex, background etc, start by checking out our ministries section to get started. God has given each and every one of us unique gifts and abilities for the sole purpose of serving him and building up his kingdom here on earth. Serving is an important aspect of stewardship, worship and membership, and we want you to “Make Your Mark” by finding where your talents, gifts and passions align with the needs of church.

Need more help or have more question, feel free to contact the church office or visit the contact page online. God bless you as you serve.


    Oversees all special programs in the church and ensures that all relevant departments and ministries are aware of their roles.


      They meet with visitors to the church at a short reception after each service where the vision of the church is shared and the various ministries and...


        Ensures that the audio and video needs of the church are met at all times through crisp, clear sound and also responsible for the production...

          Women's Fellowship

          The women’s ministry of the church which addresses pertinent women’s issues with a view to positively affecting these areas in line with the Word of God.

            Men's Fellowship

            The men’s ministry which is devoted to raising strong men, loving husbands and fathers.