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Positioning Yourself for Blessings: Lessons from the Life of Joseph



In a recent message, "How Do I Position Myself" our beloved Pastor Joe Tarkon shared profound insights drawn from the life of Joseph. This message extends beyond the walls of our church to offer universal wisdom on positioning oneself for blessings.


Foundational Insights:


  1. The Universal Quest - God is Searching:

   - In the search for life partners, Pastor Joe emphasized that just as we seek, God actively searches for individuals willing to serve and receive blessings.

   - The central question posed: How can we position ourselves to be a blessing and receive divine favour?


  1. Joseph's Exemplary Service:

   - Pastor Joe reflected on Joseph's life as a guiding light for individuals worldwide.

   - Joseph's loyalty to family and commitment to service set a universal precedent.

   - From family to prison to serving nations, Joseph's journey showed that God never demotes His faithful servants.


  1. The Global Impact of Serving:

   - Serving transcends boundaries. Pastor Joe emphasized that serving is a universal principle with profound global impacts.

   - While challenging, serving expands influence and brings about eternal rewards.




This message is an invitation to individuals worldwide, irrespective of background or belief, to consider the transformative power of service. By humbling ourselves, we not only position ourselves for blessings but also contribute to the well-being of the global community.


Stay connected for more enriching messages as we navigate life's journey together.

Blessings to all,


RCCG City of David Atlanta - Pastor Joe Tarkon

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