Church Van Request Form

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I am requesting the van for*


  • For personal use, individuals are responsible for the purchase of gas in the van. If there is gas in the van prior to its use, individuals must return the van with the quantity of gas that was in it.
  • When van is used by a Department or Ministry for a church event, the Transportation Unit will provide gas in the van. In the event that additional gas has to be purchased, this should be reported to the individual in charge of the Transportation Unit for proper reimbursement.
  • Make use of the van appropriately for the specified reason as stated in this form
  • Report any incident or damage to the van (whether major or minor) for adequate attention
  • Return the van in a clean and excellent working condition (as it was received). Van should be returned to the church premises on the return date. Promptly communicate to the individual in charge of the Transportation Unit if there are any changes in the plans.
  • Every fixture (e.g seat, spare tires) removed  should be returned into the van before handing the van over to the individual in charge of Transportation Unit.
  • Any expense incurred, other than the purchase of gas (for personal use), should be reported to the individual in charge of the Transportation Unit for reimbursement.
  • House Bill 673 of the State of Georgia requires drivers to use hands-free technology when using cell phones and other electronic devices while driving. RCCG City of David is compliant at all times with the laws of the state in which we are situated. Drivers should always obey speed laws, road signs and all other traffic laws. Violations and tickets issued to the driver will be paid for by the driver (when in use for either Personal,  Departmental or Ministerial purpose)
  • In the case of personal use, no third party is permitted to drive the van. The van should be driven only by the person who has placed a request for its use. When you have assigned representative to drive the van, the Individual placing this request will be liable for any damage done to the van.



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