Thanksgiving Request Form



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Please note that Thanksgivings are currently conducted only on the First Sundays of the month

  • No food is allowed in the Sanctuary at any time.
  • ONLY packed meals should be handed out to your guests and you must ensure that they do not eat the food in the Sanctuary.
  • Remove all leftover food items and drinks from the Kitchen and Sanctuary.
  • Do not leave any tables, or other items used for distributing your food, lying around in the facility.
  • Any stains to the walls or floors in the facility must be cleaned promptly.
  • DO NOT wash food particles down the kitchen sink; you will be responsible for any clogs in the sink and plumbing issues this may cause.
  • You will be responsible for the repairs of any damage to the kitchen electronics and fixtures (faucets, sink, cabinets, etc.) during your use of the space.
You have read and agree to the facility use agreement above*